For in Him we live move exist - Acts 17:28

Louise went to the church and during the service the pastor told everyone that they could know for certain that when they die they could go to heaven. Louise did not have this eternal assurance and something in her heart was stirred.

Louise Beverly

I realized I had a problem I could not solve. I had a work-a-holic husband who did not spend enough time with me. I could not convince him to stop working long hours so I decided I would leave him.

Beulah Campbell

Erma was a woman with a passion for life. ...On February 19, 2002 Erma passed on from this life to another, for we are all created as eternal beings.

Erma Engdahl

I'm going to hell! That's the starke truth I came to realize at an early age. Now I know that when I die I will go to heaven, and you can know that for yourself too.

Mark Haskins

I continued to medicate myself with people, places, and things. My life became increasingly unbearable. In a few short years, I was spiritually, mentally, and physically bankrupt. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and I wanted a way out of my misery.

Darlene H.

Dorothy has found an everlasting love for all the ages.

Dorothy Krawczyk

I had a non-nurturing mother whom I was afraid of and a father I didn't trust. I adapted by keeping my mouth shut and internalizing my thoughts and emotions. I was a very quiet shy insecure fearful child. I became a professional at denial and was very self-reliant. I had to be. I adapted by avoiding conflict, by being passive. That was safe. I developed my own protective cocoon.

Pat Metcalf

Robert put his hands up in surrender and decided to plead with God not to let the Germans shoot him. Back in the United States, Robert's wife was told her husband was killed in action, since there were no known survivors in his outfit, and the Germans did not report that they had him. Twenty one days after his capture, Robert and seven other American Soldiers were lined up against the outside wall of a barn where the Germans intended to shoot them.

Robert Robinson

The wedding took place in the church that held special memories for Victoria, because it was the place where she blossomed from a little girl into a woman. Their new life together was wonderful and filled with happiness. Still there was sadness deep within Victoria's heart, for she knew that death was an eventual part of life, yet could not understand how a loving God would allow such a sorrow upon mankind.

Victoria Robinson

Severe depression set in, I was failing miserably and just like that, the thoughts started to ease into my mind. Just end it, you can't do this, you've failed, the pain will never go away, people will just keep hurting you, and not one rational part of me could fight it!

Nicole Simon

Without parents to guide me, or an adult whom I could ask for help to solve my problems, I wondered: Why was I born? What am I doing in this world? I became an adult carrying the marks of a painful childhood. I was depressed and insecure, and unhappy with my physical appearance.

Nil Swogger

I was insecure. I was an over-achiever in school, trying to win the love and approval I was missing. When I left home for college I was looking for some meaning and purpose in life.

Rich Swogger