"Chain of Control" is the main content update of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Version 9.1. The character can ride on any ground ride while exploring "Fatmao". Fans of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will feel very frustrated now. Because in the vast area ruled by the Masts, the worst souls will suffer here.

Players need to complete any role in the Shadow Continent to complete the new "Chain of Domination" story missions before they can use the mounts in "Feijiao". On Ve'nari, players who have earned enough reputation can unlock Perdition Hold and Beastwarrens. After players have completed the missions in "World of Warcraft: Shadowlands", they can unlock the abilities of the mounts riding on the flower gum.

In Tal Garland in Corcia, players can talk to them in order to complete tasks. Tal-Galan needs to check the character's life in order to determine whether they are a flower glue walker. In this investigation, if they can survive, they can interact with Tal-Galan again. This item can unlock the ability to summon and ride all ground mounts in The Maw and Korthia. For those players and characters who have not yet done so, rewards will open up the "Battle of Beastmaster" and the "Fortress of Destruction" for them.

This function is not only available within the scope of the account, players can only use the characters who have completed the quest line of the Wanderer. In the dominance chain, players need to replay the Classic WOW Gold mission with any alternatives they want to bring. For this process, the player needs to spend 40 minutes.

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