LLP Company Registration in Indiranagar is another corporate business form that gives the us the benefits of limited liability of a company and the provides us with the flexible partnership. In simple words, the partners have limited liability such that their personal resources cannot be used for paying off the debts of the company. Moreover, a single partner is not at all responsible for the misconduct or negligence of another partner.



Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) have now become the most desirable form of organization among businessmen. It will incorporate the benefits of both 'partnership firm' and 'company' into a single form of organization. A minimum of two partners is necessary to incorporate an LLP. However, there is no upper limit to it. At least one partner of the LLP should be a citizen of India national. All LLPs are governed according to the provisions of the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008. The LLP agreement monitors the rights, duties, and responsibilities of the partners who must comply with all the provisions of the LLP Act.



Process of LLP Registration


In a limited Liability company registration service provider in Indiranagar if a person wants to have a business entity, then the Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is the best way. For this purpose, it is mandatory to follow several steps of LLP Registration under the LLP law. The formation of LLP is very much simple in terms of its management and its incorporation. It is for this reason that the professionals, micro, and small businesses that are family-owned and closely-held prefer to register as LLPs. Moreover, there are simple compliance formalities are simple. There are some steps that are involved in the LLP registration process:



Obtain Digital Signature Certificate: Before the start of the process of Limited Liability Partnership registration, a person should have to apply for the digital signature of the designated partners. This is important because all the documents required in the online LLP registration are electronically processed and would require the digital signatures of the partners. One can make sure he will avail these certificates from government-recognized certifying agencies.

Apply for Director Identification Number (DIN): LLP Registration Consultants in Indiranagar will be requiring by all designated partners or those who are planning to be the designated partners of the proposed LLP. One will have to attach a scanned copy of documents along with the Form DIR 3, which is signed by anyone who is a Chartered Accountant, Advocate Company Secretary, and Cost Accountant.

Reservation and approval of name: One must conduct a free name search on the MCA portal before mentioning a name in the formation process. The system will provide the names close to similar existing LLP's. At this stage, it is very much simple to choose a name that is not similar to already existing names. A name will be approved by the Registrar only if the name is unique from those already existing and if it is not unplanned in the opinion of the Central Government. You can update your company name while searching here.

Incorporation of LLP: One has to fill an application form for incorporation of LLP which is mandatory. All the details filled in the form must be perfect. A person will have to pay a prescribed registration fee that will be based on the contribution of the partners in the proposed LLP. The form so filled in will be electronically signed by the person having DIN named in the incorporation document. It must also be digitally signed by anyone who is a Chartered Accountant, Advocate Company Secretary, and Cost Accountant. If the Registrar is satisfied with the submission of the form, the LLP will also get registered. The process takes around 15 to 20 days.

File Limited Liability Partnership Agreement: An agreement is formed that describes the rights, duties, and responsibilities amongst the registered partners and also between the LLP and the registered partners. It is very much essential to file the LLP agreement within 30 days of the date of incorporation. It has to be printed on a Stamp Paper whose value will be different for different regions. 



How to Apply for LLP REGISTRATION in Indiranagar?


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