The official release of Diablo 4 is just around the corner. While fans had ample opportunity to get their hands on the game between the beta period and the server crash, they have yet to get a chance to experience Diablo 4's endgame content in its entirety.

Since Blizzard estimates it will take players around 100 hours to reach their maximum level in Diablo 4, it's likely that the most dedicated players will hit the long-awaited endgame content only days after launch. ​As players progress through Diablo 4 and challenge themselves with increasing difficulty, they will unlock the Paragon Board system upon reaching level 50.

What is the Paragon Board System in Diablo 4?

The Paragon Board system in Diablo 4 is an improvement on the system introduced in Diablo 3..In Diablo 3, players can continue to grind on their highest-level characters and unlock bonuses that apply to all of their characters..This was intended as a system to provide meaningful bonuses to players who had already completed the core content of the game..The Paragon Board, as it appears in Diablo 4, is a twist on the previous Paragon system.

At level 50, Diablo 4 players unlock the Paragon Board..The Paragon Board is a collection of interconnected tiles, each of which provides a small boost to the character..The majority of the board is made up of Common Tiles, which provides a small boost but is largely irrelevant on its own..As players unlock Common Tiles, they will eventually connect to more powerful boosts contained in Magic, Rare, and Legendary Tiles..Since the Paragon System can be explored in any direction, and players can choose whether to connect to adjacent boards or not, or even flip the Paragon Board, the system should usher in a level of building diversity unprecedented in the Diablo franchise.

With over 220 points available to characters at max level, Diablo 4's Paragon loadout is intended to be primarily about exploration and experimentation..While it's likely that players will find a meta path through Paragon Board relatively quickly, the sheer number of available combinations is mind-boggling and should lead to exciting niche builds.

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How the Paragon Board's progression is tied to the endgame content.

A major component of the Paragon Board is tied to Diablo IV's Nightmare Dungeons..In addition to the set of normal tiles - Common, Magic, Rare, and Legendary - players will also unlock special socket tiles..Each Socket Tile can be imbued with a Glyph found throughout the player's time exploring the Sanctuary..This means that while the vast majority of tiles will offer standard bonuses, the benefits of socket tiles will be left to the individual player's choice..In addition, each socket tile will be able to be upgraded as the player progresses through Nightmare Dungeons.

As players battle their way through the dungeons in Diablo IV, they will be able to upgrade their Glyphs..As Glyphs increase in level, their bonuses increase, and at major level milestones, each Glyph may also increase its radius of effect..As the player grinds through Nightmare Dungeons, they not only increase the benefits of each Glyph, but the Glyph will further influence its surrounding tiles.

The result should be that players will have a wealth of content to explore upon reaching the endgame, as they continue to grind for the best Glyphs and level up the said Glyphs to their fullest potential..The Paragon Board system should also offer enough complexity that players will have a hard time discerning an obvious best build during the first season of Diablo 4, meaning fans should see plenty of variety as they progress through the game.

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