The smell is strong, the smoke is pure, and the entrance is smooth. Old smokers love it for ten minutes. Since entering the market, the reputation has been very good. It can be said that it is really a good choice as a long-term ration. It is inherently simple and realistic Newport 100S. The packaging of this pack of cigarettes is more festive than ordinary packaging. In terms of taste, the texture is better, thinner, lighter, and harmonious. The smoke is more delicate and tastes better. The classic formula that has passed the test of more than 20 years and is favored and trusted by millions of consumers is adopted, and the latest paper-making method of China Tobacco is used to add tea essence. The fresh tea fragrance is integrated with the original tobacco fragrance, and the smoke is delicate and full. The taste is smooth and comfortable. Based on the characteristics of sweet and sweet flavor as the main direction, combined with sensory evaluation and internal chemical composition analysis, the tobacco raw materials in the main raw material producing areas are comprehensively screened. At the same time, high-quality tobacco leaves from world-renowned regions such as Zimbabwe are selected as raw materials to supplement the product. Fragrant flavor. Using refined grouping processing, optimizing key processing parameters and processing methods Newport Cigarettes Coupons, forming the "core technology of individualized silk-making process for medium-striped tobacco", giving full play to the potential of tobacco leaf raw materials, and ensuring the product's "lunch, sweet, fragrant, and moist" quality. Taking the characteristics of special aroma, abundant resources, high medicinal value, and strong adsorption capacity as evaluation indicators, dozens of characteristic plants are screened out, and after rapid drying, they are made into biologically activated carbon by means of high temperature oxygen isolation treatment, etc. Filled into the filter rod to absorb harmful macromolecular substances and enhance the aroma. Develop flavor-enhancing and moisturizing functional flakes, make full use of the fragrance plant resources of Impression Tobacco, change the structural characteristics of the flake base, increase the looseness and filling value of the flakes, and make special flavour plant flakes to improve the aroma and quality of cigarette products. Sweet feeling. The resulting smoking characteristics of plum sour have a unique smell, the smoke is sweet and soft, and the aroma is rich. The smoking quality is "lunch, sweet, fragrant, and moist", and the product has a good fragrant taste. Generally speaking, the burning speed is faster Online Cigarettes, which is similar to the burning speed. The ash holding capacity is acceptable, and the soot whiteness is also acceptable. The only regret is that there was a peculiar smell when the golden circle burned. Generally speaking, people do not smoke in the part of the golden circle, and regrets can be ignored here. Selected high-quality thick-flavored tobacco leaves, refined by adding natural flavors and fragrances, the tobacco is fresh and mellow, with a pure and comfortable taste, and has been best-selling for 18 years.
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