Working principle

Broadband amplifier feed circuit, high frequency is affected by parasitic capacitance parameters, the performance drops sharply, so feed needs to use BiasTee.

iasTee consists of ultra-wideband, near-idealized, high-frequency inductors and capacitors with no resonant points.

Straight capacitance: to isolate DC and prevent DC voltage from leaking into subsequent circuits or test instruments;

High frequency inductance: Isolate AC information to prevent high frequency signals from leaking into the power supply system.

Three ports:

· RF port RF

· DC offset DC

· RF and DC RF+DC

Application situation

A) Broadband amplifier

Some wideband amplifiers, which do not have a straight separation capacitor and need power supply at the output end, require dual band combiner(for example, the HMC460LC5 requires dual band combiner).

Some amplifiers have built-in compartmentals that eliminate the need for additional dual band combiner(e.g., HMC462LP5 does not require dual band combiner).

B) Optical fiber communication, laser driven

The drive current required by the laser diode is injected through the dual band combinerDC terminal.

Communication data is injected through the RF terminal.

dual band combiner