Generally speaking, when the temperature is too high or too low, normal electronic products will affect the normal work of the equipment. During the winter months, some ipads fail to charge. Therefore, 4g vehicle gps tracker, which works outdoors and also receives satellite signals, will also be affected by environmental factors. Previously, Xiaobian has been popularized by everyone. In low temperature environment, the acceptable range of positioner is -20-70 degrees.

Given the data, many people might think it doesn't matter. It wouldn't be that hot at room temperature. In fact, this temperature range only means that the 4g vehicle gps tracker can maintain its work, but it does not necessarily reach the best working condition. In the northern winter, minus 20 degrees is also common, not to mention colder temperatures in some environments. Also, in summer, vehicles are not always guaranteed to park in shady parking lots. As long as it's outside, the car is an enclosed space, and it's hotter inside than outside. Not to mention cars that are directly exposed to the sun.

In fact, a stable ambient temperature of 15-35 degrees is the optimal condition for the continuous operation of the 4g vehicle gps tracker. If both of these weather conditions occur and the locator is still located outside the car, such as the bumper in the trunk of the car, the vehicle directly exposed to the environment will be more restricted.

Under normal circumstances, if the operating temperature of the 4g vehicle gps tracker exceeds the tolerable range, it will automatically shut down and stop working to protect the components of the device and will not automatically damage the device. For example, people often ask if exposure locators will explode? In fact, the explosion of 4g vehicle gps tracker is mostly caused by wiring problems. Incorrect connection of lines leads to changes and conflicts in various parts of the device. In addition, the explosion would be caused by the direct heat of the sun. If your 4g vehicle gps tracker is positioned correctly, this will not happen. The same is true for low temperatures.

In a word, bad weather will affect the normal operation of 4g vehicle gps tracker, not only the temperature, but also the signal reception of 4g vehicle gps tracker in lightning weather. If the weather is too bad, it is recommended that everyone should go out less. Of course, we usually also need to pay attention to the placement of 4g vehicle gps tracker environment and methods.

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