central dust collecting system is composed of air inlet pipe, air exhaust pipe, box, ash bucket, ash cleaning device, diversion device, air distribution plate, filter cylinder and electronic control device, which is similar to the dust collecting structure of air box pulse bag. The arrangement of central dust collecting system is very important. It can be arranged vertically on the box flower board or tilted on the flower board. From the ash cleaning effect, the vertical arrangement is more correct. The lower part of the flower plate is the filter chamber, and the upper part is the air box pulse chamber. A airflow distribution plate is installed at the inlet of the dust collector.

central dust collecting system is widely used in cement, steel, electric power, food, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industrial areas, with the overall capacity increased several times, becoming a large dust collector with a filter area of more than 2000m2 (GB6719-86). It is a solution to solve the old dust collector's difficulty in collecting dust, good filtering wind speed, poor cleaning effect, filter bag easy to wear and leak, and the operation cost is not low. Compared with all kinds of bag and electrostatic precipitator on the market, it has the characteristics of large filter area, low pressure difference, low emission, small volume, good service life and so on. It has become a new direction for the development of industrial dust collector.

What are the characteristics of the central dust collecting system? Below, for you to explain in detail:

1. Control system: It is mainly composed of pulse injection controller, PLC computer control cabinet, thermal resistance thermometer, static pressure measuring point, material level indicator and measuring element.

2. Off-line protection system: It is mainly composed of bypass valve, differential pressure device, material level meter, thermometer, pressure detection device, pulse controller, filter bag leak detection device, etc. The flue gas temperature is too high or the boiler tail reignition water treatment, so as not to burn the filter bag.

3. Diversion device: The air inlet method is adopted, and the special flue gas distribution device is designed, which can not only distribute the dusty gas, but also separate the large particles, avoid the dusty gas scour the filter bag, further improve the dust removal rate and improve the service life of the filter bag.

4. Filter bag assembly: The connection design of filter bag frame, cloth bag and hanging bag adopts self-locking device, convenient installation and replacement, and can extend the service life of filter bag. Filter bag specifications: φ130x6000mm, φ160x6000mm, φ160x7000mm three, using polyphenylene sulfide needle felt.

Five, ash system: by electric vibrator (air gun), electric heater, ash indicator, electric vibrator (air gun) dust has good liquidity.

Six, the box part: the upper box (clean air room), the middle box (filter room), the lower box (ash bucket), the flue gas distributor, flower plate, platform, escalator, feet, air inlet, ash outlet, insulation, color panel and so on.

Seven, pulse injection system: recoil coupling box, electromagnetic pulse valve, pressure joint, nozzle pipe, bracket, etc. The whole box is cleaned, and other specifications are provided with a compressed air nozzle tube at the upper part of each filter bag. During operation, it is generally set that every filter bag is backblown every 10S, and the solenoid valve is started at a fixed time. The pulsed backblown compressed air is injected into the filter bag for dust removal.

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