The most recent buy Diablo IV Gold cinematic trailer from Blizzard includes Inarius confronting Lilith with armies on both of their backs. Although the film doesn't show Tyrael's direct involvement, his development of Horadrim as well as his influence on the various Paladins of Sanctuary suggests that he's involved. Dark and light clash on the battlefield, and the sadly dead Tyrael resides somewhere in the middle.

It is likely his presence will be detected through these intermediaries, unless events cause him to act. Tyrael is still feeling the effects of destroying the Worldstone at the conclusion of Diablo 2. This mystical object protected Sanctuary from Heaven and Hell and he serves as the protector of the region in its place. Tyrael appears unlikely to lead any further charges into Hell or travel any further that the Pandemonium Fortress, where he might offer advice similar to Deckard Cain for those who are willing to listen.

Five classes playable in Diablo have been released so far They all are variations on the options offered in previous games. Given each installment so far has provided something different Perhaps Tyrael will be an element of the battle that balances the sides, providing players with the possibility to summon angelic or demon powers in exchange for obligations to Sanctuary. This kind of strategy can easily be implemented on the multi-tree advancement Diablo IV Gold already in the game.