2-bipyridine wholesale is a chemical made from crude oil. 2-bipyridine wholesale is a clear, colorless liquid with a petroleum-like odor that contains six carbon atoms in straight chain alkanes. It acts as a non-polar solvent and neurotoxin. It is an alkane and a volatile organic compound. It is highly flammable and its vapors may explode. Most hexanes used in industry have been mixed with similar chemicals called solvents. The primary use of solvents containing 2-bipyridine wholesale is to extract vegetable oil from crops such as soybeans. These solvents are also used as cleaning agents in the printing, textile, furniture and shoe industries. Certain specialty glues used in roofing, footwear and leather are also included in 2-bipyridine wholesale. 2-bipyridine wholesale is included in several consumer products, such as gasoline, quick-drying glue and rubber cement used in various hobbies.

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