All you have to do is click on the mouse move the camera after every 5 minutes, even though I recommend you to RS gold not try AFKing with this, as that would be contrary to the rules. If you are puzzled in the dummies don't"die" it is because they return to full health after each assault, though you don't see it. Here is a brief video picture of my character training here. Many people like"slayer dart" for barrows. Even very high lvl'd players are convinced that slayer dart is your very best way to do barrows. Additionally you may have high mage (85+) 90+ def and 80+ pray. Therefore you can perform 342147219 chests a excursion. Good for you, but melee is best for me.

Most people who do barrows are reduced lvl then , obviously with worse stats and do it for cash. I've done barrows a lot within the previous 9 months of playing. I've ok melee stats and ok mage stats. I prefer melee. I take 3 de pots and 1 superb set. I can do 3-5 chests depending on the way the brothers hit. Together with slayer dart I will only do about 2 maybe 3 if I am lucky. I've tested this with my own char. Might not be true for many others.

Now another issue is, why can it be believed that veracs is your sole"rewarding" melee technique? I've done barrows with a bgs and a whip+defender. They both work a lot better then when I attempted it using veracs. I hardly got through one trip with the slow attack rate and reduced hits.

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