However, strength is quite a little more important because the launch of"Combat Improvements" and I could have difficulty landing KOs, which I found when I was practicing pvp from Leo. 50 Defence provides me access to RuneScape gold the cheapest Power armour, which can be Rockshell/Spined/Skeletal. 61 Pray gives the exact same combat level as 60 Pray, which unlocks the Amulet of Zealots, arguably the best amulet from the sport. 67 Summoning is to get a Tortoise however that I never have a use for this.

No, that is not because they don't know how to nerf a thing - it's the flaw in the tier system . The tier system is honestly a HORRIBLE idea. For people who have not realized, almost all weapons and armour are now scaled using a remarkably easy, direct connection with requirement level. The end result of this is the death of all uniqueness of weapons or armour.

Things like Korasi or even Royal crossbow that had market uses are now reduced to mere normal weapons. Ganodermic can no more be compared with Virtus as a matter of higher defence and soak versus higher crime and lifeboost: Virtus has become simply"better by 5 levels." Don't try to make an argument for passive results or small quantities of crit bonus - barring price, there is never any reason to use lower level items when you have access to higher level versions.

Thus, I have recently decided to perform with again. I've got three or four old accounts, all registered with two or one of my possibly four or five emails. . I used to have more but I deleted them back. . Expecting none of those emails were to my own high level accounts, but I digress.

I recently registered a new account/in-game username, I'm not even certain if I'd entered an email into the input, but I know my password and character name however I am not sure what email I had entered when I even did. It obviously keeps asking for this, and I've already tried all the emails that I have. I am not sure what the deal is here, or how to OSRS buy gold regain my accounts.