Gold is very important in Lost Ark as it is mainly used as a currency that is traded between players, but it also feeds into some of the gear upgrading systems present in the game. Are you struggling to make gold in Lost Ark? This guide will help you gather enough currency to hone, buy gear, or simply progress in the game. There are many gold farming methods in Lost Ark, but most of them reward only small amounts of currency. Thus, it is important to try and do as many as possible.

How Does Lost Ark Gold Work?

Gold is far from the only currency in Lost Ark, but it’s one that’s highly sought-after. Your Gold is shared between your characters and often used to get Crystals, perform a knowledge transfer, or buy things from the Auction House.

Before we say anything, you may have noticed that Gold can be exchanged for Silver by a Gold Merchant. However, this is usually a very bad way to spend it, as Silver is far easier to obtain. So unless you’re an exceedingly rich Lost Ark player, don’t do that.

Of course, you could just buy Gold with real-world money using the Royal Crystal exchange in the Shop. That’s probably not why you’re here though, so let’s have a look at the best ways to earn Gold instead.

Quests and Guide Quests

During leveling, you will find a lot of side-story quests and daily quests that will give you a few Gold as a reward. At level 60 your Gold income should increase because you will open a lot of new Daily activities with Gold as a reward.

Una’s Tokens

Your daily and weekly quests will award you with tokens which you can then exchange for gold. You have three different rewards to choose from but if you’re lucky and receive a thin or thick gold bar you’ll be in for a payday.

Una’s Tasks are extremely good for rewards anyway so this should be something you do each week regardless.


While it’s not that easy to farm these, you will get gold rewards at different milestones when you hand them in on Sunflower Island.

Rift Pieces

The Rift Pieces you gain from Chaos Gates can be exchanged at different vendors for secret maps. These maps drop honing materials and especially Shard bags. These can be extremely valuable on the market so be sure to check which Tier Shards are selling for the most and exchange for maps at that tier.

Trading Una’s Tokens At Gold Shops

Now that we are done with the fastest ways to get gold in Lost Ark, it is time we discuss the best but the longest method of getting gold in the game. The method here is to play Una’s daily and weekly tasks, get Una’s tokens and points, and then come to the Gold shop to trade Una’s Tokens for various types of Gold in the Lost Ark.

Usually, you will get three weekly and three daily tasks to complete. While you get the daily tasks rewards instantly after completing them, the weekly takes time and resets after seven days as well. So, completing each of the daily tasks will reward you with two points; however, finishing the weekly assignment will give you a total of 12 points.

After acquiring all the points from Una’s Tasks per week, you can trade them to obtain Una’s Tokens. Once you have enough tokens, visit the nearby Gold Shop and trade Una’s Tokens for various types of Gold offerings.

For starters, you can trade Una’s Tokens for Hefty Gold Sack, Small Safe, and Large Gold Chest. Of course, the larger the trade-off of Una’s Tokens, the more gold you get from the transaction at Gold Shop in Lost Ark.

Usually, the Heft Gold Sack will cost 80 Una’s Tokens, a Small Safe will need 200 Una’s Tokens, and the Large Gold Chest will require you to trade 500 Una’s Tokens to obtain tons of gold bars in the game.

If you ask us, then farming gold by completing Una’s Tasks in Lost Ark is by far our go-to method in the game. Even though this one takes a considerable amount of time, it does not bore you to death as you will be required to complete Una’s Tasks, which are basically a series of challenges in the game.

Guild Requests

Just like similar MMO games, you can join guilds in Lost Ark and once you’re in one, your guild can choose certain challenges that members can do. You can do guild tasks just like the Daily and Weekly tasks but their rewards are geared toward improvement of the guild.

In short, there is a variety of methods for making gold in Lost Ark. Since most of those are time-gated, consistency is more important than spending a lot of time in the game. However, in order to earn a large chunk of gold, you must follow these recommendations and put in a lot of work. Unless you choose to Buy Lost Ark Gold from a secure website, if that's what you're thinking, I recommend a website: