The prospect of automobile parts processing

The processing and manufacturing of automobile parts almost involves all sectors of society, especially in industrial manufacturing. Almost the most advanced methods are first applied to automobiles. Therefore, the automobile industry is the embodiment of the strength of a country's overall manufacturing industry, and can only be developed after the society has developed to a certain extent. The automobile is a kind of transportation tool widely used in modern life. It is changing our life. In order to make the automobile beautiful and safe, flanging plastic parts are more widely used. What are the processing flow of auto parts

1、 Processing process of auto parts:

3D Printing Automotive Parts processing technology casting is a production and manufacturing method that molten metal materials are poured into the cavity of the casting mold, cooled and solidified to obtain commodities. Solid model forging is a production mode in which metal material blanks are put into the die chamber of the forging die to bear the impact or burden.

Cold stamping cold stamping die or sheet metal stamping automobile parts is a production mode that enables metal materials and sheets to be cut or formed by bearing force in stamping automobile parts.

Welding Electric welding is a production method that combines the partial heating or simultaneous heating and stamping of two metal materials. Metal material turning production processing is to use milling cutter to drill metal material rough embryo step by step; A production method that enables products to obtain the required appearance, specification and roughness.

The heat treatment process is a way to change the organizational structure of solid steel by reheating, insulating or cooling it to meet the application standards or technical standards of parts.

Installation refers to connecting various parts (anchor bolt, nut, pin or lock catch, etc.) to each other and form components, and then connecting various components to form a complete vehicle according to certain regulations. Whether the parts are composed of components or the components are composed of a whole vehicle, they need to be coordinated and related according to the requirements of the design drawing, so that the components or the whole vehicle can achieve the set characteristics. For example, when installing the gearbox on the clutch housing, make sure that the axis of the gearbox keying shaft points to the axis of the crankshaft. This kind of core method is not adjusted by the installation workers (millers) during assembly, but is ensured by the design scheme and production manufacturing.

CNC Machining Automotive Parts processing refers to the units that constitute the whole auto parts processing and the products that serve the auto parts processing. In recent years, the vigorous development of the global auto industry has driven the market prosperity of the auto parts processing industry. What is the prospect of auto parts processing?

2、 The prospect of auto parts processing:

The automobile parts processing industry provides corresponding parts and components for the automobile manufacturing industry, including stamping products, injection molding components, etc. It is the basis for the development of the automobile industry and an important part of the automobile industry chain. With the development of globalization of the world economy and the improvement of the level of specialization of the automobile industry, the automobile parts processing industry plays an increasingly important role in the automobile industry.

After years of accumulation and development, auto parts processing enterprises have continuously improved production processes, reduced production costs, and improved product quality. Their technical level and production management level have been greatly improved, forming a number of powerful parts manufacturing enterprises. Some parts manufacturing enterprises in China have entered the global procurement system of vehicle manufacturers and have strong market competitiveness.

Die Casting Automotive Parts processing can be divided into vehicle supporting market (i.e. OEM market) and after-sales maintenance market (i.e. AM market) according to the different time stages when they enter the whole vehicle. At present, about 80% of the auto parts processing market belongs to the vehicle supporting market, which has formed the growth triangle (represented by the main vehicle companies: SAIC), central China (represented by the main vehicle companies: Dongfeng), the three eastern provinces (represented by the main vehicle companies: FAW), southwest China (represented by the main vehicle companies: Chang'an), Beijing Tianjin (represented by the main vehicle companies: BAIC) The Pearl River Delta (represented by major vehicle companies: GAC) has six major vehicle and auto parts processing industrial clusters.

The development of auto parts processing market is facing great opportunities and challenges. In terms of market competition, there are more and more automobile parts processing enterprises. The market is facing the asymmetry of supply and demand. The automobile parts processing industry has a strong demand for further reshuffle. However, there is still a large space for development in some automobile parts processing market segments, and information technology will become the core competitiveness.

Through in-depth investigation and analysis, investors can fully grasp the current global and domestic macroeconomic situation of the industry, specifically analyze the market segment where the product is located, and process auto parts Cn to judge the overall market supply and demand trends and industry prospects of the processing industry; Define target market, analyze competitors, understand product positioning, grasp market characteristics, explore price rules, innovate marketing means, propose market entry and market development strategies for auto parts processing industry, and put forward feasible suggestions for future development of the industry. Shenzhen Noble Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. is a Sino British joint venture awarded the qualification of "National High tech Enterprise" by the government. The company has two major directions of intelligent manufacturing business and product business. The intelligent manufacturing business is specialized in providing customers with project support services including parts processing and manufacturing.

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