Many have speculated that since tickets are so difficult to obtain, "real fans" rarely make it to the game. If you think about the costs of travelling to a neutral place such as a hotel and food, deciding to go to this year's Super Bowl seems like a major commitment. If you're as afraid of commitment as I am Mut 23 coins, settling to watch the game at home with a few friends and a cheap-ass beers might be the best option.

Giants-Eagles drew the 15.6 overnight rating for NBC, which is up 23 percent from last year's Jets-Ravens contest (12.7) and also it's up 10 percent from the Bears-Giants game in the year 2010 (14.2) that even though it was a horrible game -- still featured two of the three largest markets in the country. The highest rating for the week 4 match since the year 1996. where Dolphins-Colts received a 19.1 on a Monday Night Football.

NBC outdrew the 4:25 p.m. ET in the game twice this season it was a rare previous year. Fox was, however, enjoyed a lot of cheers. The national game (Saints-Packers for most of the nation) received an average of 14.9 10.9% increase from the window for the national championship last year it consisted of Broncos/Packers at CBS. The game was just 6 percent lower than Eagles/Redskins in the 4.30 p.m. ET national game the last time Fox had it, in 2010. Meanwhile madden 23 coins cheap, the 1 p.m. ET timeframe of the doubleheader saw a 9.8 in the overnight period, up 5 percent over last year and in 2010. This all despite featuring the terrible 49ers-Jets game that was played across the country.