Flow Cytometry Services Industry – The rising realm amongst stakeholders in pursuit of comprehensive Cellular Analysis and Molecular Profiling

Owing to the incessant increase in disease incidence rates and the lack of effective prognostics options, the diagnostics industry is unable to cater to the growing demands across various therapeutic areas. Interestingly, the recent developments in the diagnostics industry in the form flow cytometry have been able to drive significant advances and innovation in understanding the root causes of various diseases and their prognostics procedures. Their popularity can be attributed to various factors, such as rapid diagnosis, high result resolution and personalized nature.

However, there are several complexities associated with it, such as high cost, complicated methodology and requirement of fully trained staff for operations. As a result, outsourcing has emerged as an essential aspect and option in the flow cytometry domain. 

In the last few years, many contract service providers have emerged and significantly impacted the overall flow cytometry market, which as of now is characterized by the presence of only niche companies. Additionally, outsourcing of research, services and analytical activities allows the sponsor companies to focus on enhancing the flow cytometer as an instrument.

Examples of services that are commonly offered by contract service providers in this domain are customized assay development, consumables such as dyes and buffers manufacturing, analysis of PBMC, whole blood cells and bone marrow aspirate, cell subsetting and characterization and rare cell detection.

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Flow Cytometry Services

With the increase in the number of infections and diseases around the globe, it has become necessary for the medical practitioners to undertake analysis in a more dynamic and effective manner. And here’s where the flow cytometers come in handy. This has led to the evolution of several contract research organizations, which are currently undertaking analysis on the behalf of researchers and medical teams through flow cytometers. Though flow cytometers can be used in various domains, but specifically as of now, it is being majorly used in the healthcare and immunology domain. Like, flow cytometers are currently being used for diagnosis and detection of leukemia, lymphoma and prognosis of HIV.

Analytical - Flow Cytometry Services

The demand for analytical services using flow cytometry has accelerated during COVID-19 pandemic. Based on that, on average we have observed a rise in the number of contract research organizations providing analysis of PBMC, whole blood cells, and bone marrow aspirates. Similarly, in recent years the researchers have found that stem cells have the potential for future research avenues in several fields. Thus, there has been a spike in the market of iPSC (induced pluripotent stem cells), where researchers have relied on flow cytometry for research and academic purposes.

Additionally, flow cytometers are also being used for undertaking cell profiling and subsetting. Cell profiling and subsetting are majorly used to profile and quantify the cells for analysis and other purposes. Along the same line, intracellular staining is also being undertaken routinely through flow cytometry to quantify intracellular components of the cells for research and other purposes. Almost all the companies which we have profiled were undertaking intracellular staining.

Similarly, in recent flow cytometry is also being applied for quantifying and analyzing rare cells. Scientifically rare cells are those cells that don't show any normal characteristics. Like for example, circulating tumor cells (CTC) or rare circulating endothelial cells (CEC),. The main objective of quantifying and analyzing the rare cells is to prognose the disease. Therefore, if we can quantify the rare cells, we would be successfully able to understand the status of the disease (if any).

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General- Flow Cytometry Services

General Flow Cytometric Services includes consumables and assay development services. Consumables stand for the dyes and the buffers which are used in developing assays for the flow cytometric analysis. With the spike in flow cytometric services in recent years, there has also been a spike in contract research organizations developing customized assays for their clients or their research purposes.

Furthermore, it has also been observed that many CROs are currently independently manufacturing dyes and buffers, which till a few years back was the sole forte of the flow cytometer instrument manufacturing companies only. This recent spike can also be accounted with the COVID-19, which in turn has increased the analysis and research activities by many folds. Additionally, many users have found it very convenient to source assays directly from any company, rather than developing them on their own accord

Other Types of Flow Cytometry Services

Other types of flow cytometric services include all those miscellaneous services for which flow cytometry is utilized. Like for example, in addition to the aforementioned services, flow cytometry is utilized for cell line development, drug development and efficacy studies and others.

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