When the weapon is equipped, the only person who has the ability to activate this aspect of the weapon is the person who is using it. Nobody else has access to it at any time. Greatswords are notoriously difficult to master, and as a direct result of this, the vast majority of players are able to accurately predict the movesets that other players will use against them in player-versus-player combat. This is especially true when it comes to player-versus-player combat involving greatswords. This is due to the fact that wielding a greatsword effectively is notoriously challenging for a variety of different reasons. You are going to have to engage in combat with both of these bosses at the same time if you want to be able to complete the mission without any problems. In days gone by, you were only required to defeat a single boss in order to move on to the next level in the progression. These adversaries will employ any and all of the methods available to them in an effort to thwart your progression through the festival. If you come here first, you will have the opportunity to speak with some of these non-player characters, also known as NPCs.



NPCs are characters that the player does not control in the game. You will need to complete a number of tasks before you will be able to get your hands on the Ruins Greatsword, and this is one of those tasks; therefore, it is imperative that you give it your full attention in order to be successful. It is required that this condition be satisfied before one can make an offer to purchase the Ruins Greatsword. It is an essential requirement that has to be fulfilled.

Even if you are successful in destroying Radahn, Witch Hunter Jerren will continue to operate in the area even after he has been defeated. This is true regardless of whether or not you succeed in destroying Radahn. This is something that is always going to be the case, regardless of the level of skill that you possess. As soon as you have completed these two missions, you will be able to begin the boss fight against the Crucible Knight and the Misbegotten Warrior. Having said that, you shouldn't proceed until you've completed the two steps that came before this one first.

After the release of the cheap Elden Ring items expansion, a sizeable number of players have come to the realization that the Prelate's Inferno Crozier is one of the most powerful weapons that can be acquired in the game. It is also considered to be one of the most powerful weapons overall. It scales very well with a character's strength as well as their dexterity, which is one of the reasons why it has become so popular. Another reason for its success is that it is very easy to learn. In order for the player to be able to use the heavy weapon, shield, and armor set, the player's Endurance needs to be at least 45 or higher. They won't be able to make use of it if it's at a level lower than that. If it is at a level that is lower than that, they will be unable to make use of it in any capacity. If it is at a level that is lower than that, they will not be able to use it in any way shape or form. The use of power stance jump attacks is a straightforward and uncomplicated method that can be successfully utilized to achieve this objective.

It is also one of the most effective methods. In the video game Ashes of War, the ability known as "The Prelate's Charge" is one of a kind and can only be used in conjunction with the type of weapon that was just mentioned. It is not compatible with any other kind of firearm or weapon in any way, so you cannot use it with those. If you press and hold the L2 button while also pressing and holding the LT button, your character will charge in with the Prelate's Inferno Crozier weapon while leaving a trail of flame in its wake if you do so. If you do so, your character will also leave a trail of flame in its wake. To complete this task, simultaneously apply pressure to both of those buttons, and then keep that pressure applied.

If you want to increase your strength, you will find that making use of the Prelate's Inferno Crozier that can be found in reliable site for buying Elden Ring items is of great assistance to you in this endeavor. You will significantly improve your position as a result of taking this action. You need to have a minimum Strength level of 45 in order to properly wield this colossal weapon, and when you acquire it, STR C-scaling will be applied to it so that it scales appropriately with your Strength level. In order to properly wield this colossal weapon, you need to have a minimum Strength level of 45. You need to have a minimum Strength level of 45 in order to properly wield this colossal weapon. Having this level of strength is required. In order to properly wield this colossal weapon, you need to have a Strength level of at least 45. This is a requirement. It is necessary for you to possess this level of strength. The utility of this weapon is at its highest between the middle and late stages of the game, which is also when the difficulty of the game is at its peak. You will not be able to purchase the smithing stones from Twin Maiden Husks if you are in the end game unless you have the required quantity of bell bearings in your inventory.

You are unable to carry out the action that is required of you at this time because you do not possess the bell bearings that are necessary.

In addition to this, the Prelate's Inferno Crozier can be obtained by slaying a special kind of foe that is guarded in Fort Laiedd, which is located on Mount Gelmir.  This particular foe can be found within the fort. To accomplish this, one must first climb Mount Gelmir and then make use of the teleportation device. Using the Inferno Crozier to deal damage to your opponent is one way to complete this objective. You can find Fort Laiedd perched precariously high atop the peak of the mountain if you look for it in that location. The enormous weapon that is commonly known as the Prelate's Inferno Crozier can be found in the same location as the image that can be found in this location. The image depicts the location of the enormous weapon in the same location as the weapon itself. If you continue in this direction, you will eventually arrive at this destination. In the event that you have never been to this location before, it is important that you are made aware of the aforementioned information. It is not necessary for you to travel to Fort Laiedd in order to acquire the Prelate's Inferno Crozier; rather, you can choose to look for it in a different location if that is more convenient for you.

However, you will not be able to acquire the crozier until you have traveled to Fort Laiedd. It is not required of you to make the trip to Fort Laiedd. If you are able to vanquish this foe, you will be granted access to the grace that is located along Whiteridge Road. If you are unable to do so, you will be barred from entering. Gelmir. This firearm will be available to you right when the game begins, and it will remain available to you right up until the point where the game is over. You will have access to it throughout the entirety of the game. It is also an excellent weapon for breaking the posture of enemies or bosses while performing jump attacks, which can be accomplished by using it in conjunction with the jump attack. This can be done by jumping while simultaneously using the weapon. This objective can be accomplished by Leaping While Using the Weapon at the Same Time. Leaping while simultaneously using the weapon is the best way to complete this objective in this game.