P.S. I really don't have enough time to play all of WL Mut 23 coins, hence the only WL I'd really play was to get the Stay and Play rewards and also to mess around in a game that didn't matter to me personally. If a person beat me with a whole lot without conducting the meta I considered them great unless they got bailed. I played with someone earlier who run basically only 5 Wide in his Super Bowl and I flooded him. Some blessed things went my way, but I could tell we're certainly both great. 5 broad takes basically no skill imo since the streaks are open every time.

Not really. I run 3-3-5 against 5 Wide and all I really do is come out in Tampa 2 and man up the blitzing CB about the Slot WR on the left then I can user the right. 5 Broad Verticals with 2 seam stripes is just really good cause many people run Cover 3(that I will kill by having the two seam stripes and a few out routes across both sides ) or don't understand how to user it efficiently. It's very blitzed though, which balances it. Yeah I can certainly stop it but as you said Madden NFL 23 is bum friendly and people just run stock cover 3.

The funniest is when people conduct aligned stock Cover 3 every drama. I remember earlier in the year I ran a Cover 3 beater out of Bunch(Insanely simple. Literally only a run out of the slot and motioning the out course beside it out) with these FO Mecole Hardman on the first play of the Madden NFL 23 game for just 4 games directly cause people live and die by stock Cover 3 buy madden 23 coins. And dont get me wrong I do use pay 3 more than any other shell since I find it easiest to use as I prefer to consumer the deep middle safety.