Pet tracking is becoming more and more segmented and intelligent. Eat with low-temperature baking, drink with an intelligent water dispenser, pull with an intelligent litter box, wash with an intelligent dryer ...... every aspect of pet life has been derived from the relevant refinement, intelligent categories, it seems, the hands of the pooper scooper is being liberated a little.

The price of the automatic dog feeder has gone up, but more and more pooper scoopers are placing orders. In fact, the cat "shovel", once a headache for the cat family, has also dissuaded countless young people's impulse to keep cats, after all, "a moment of pleasure to keep cats, shovel stool crematorium. The smart litter box with a series of functions such as regular cleaning, automatic sensing and prompting, quickly won the "vote" of the pooper scooper.

However, smart litter box since 2019 there has been a "card cat" and other overturned events, and to this day, the smart litter box track has made a lot of brands, but still can not escape the question. In the major social media platforms and consumer complaints platforms, there are many pooper scoopers said to "step on the mine".

In recent years, along with the continued expansion of the pet smart hardware market size and the increase in the willingness of users to buy, the categories of pet smart hardware have gradually increased, and many pet brands to step into the "cat litter box".

"The initial litter box on the market is the traditional open litter box, although very cheap, most of the price is within 50 yuan, but there are many shortcomings, such as the cat litter is easy to splash, but also does not isolate the odor. Then slowly appeared semi-enclosed and fully enclosed litter box, including double doors in and out, plus with drawers, compared to the most traditional open litter box indeed fewer problems, but also to meet the requirements of most pooper scoopers, the price is more in the 100 yuan -200 yuan. However, non-intelligent litter boxes always need to be manually shoveled, if you go out, you can not clean up in time, and the process of shoveling is actually a major pain point, so the intelligent litter box is still quite a market." Chen Yue has four cats at home and knows cat backpack on the market like the back of his hand, and after some comparison, he got the smart litter box.

Zinc scale found that the current market price of an intelligent litter box is between 799 yuan - 1300 yuan mostly, but there are up to about 5000 yuan.

"If you have had a cat, you must have heard a flirtation, 'the friendship of several years of raising cats, but also can not resist the taste straight to the sky cat poop attack'. The smart litter box is currently on the market, just by not having to shovel their own manual shovel, in fact, there is no shortage of market. But they often have additional functions such as remote control and litter box monitoring, so although the current price is more than a thousand dollars, there are still many young people willing to pay for it." Chen Yue told Zinc Scale.

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