I think every fan of Soulslike game has alreay known how popular Elden Ring is. FromSoftware's latest released on February 25, it has sold around 13.4 million copies to date. Elden Ring is more successful than last year's Sledgehammer Games' disappointing Call of Duty: Pioneer, which is often famous for dominating the charts. Obviously, we've learned that masochistic open-world games are hits in the marketplace. Elden Ring is also hugely popular on YouTube, garnering 3.4 billion video views in just 60 days, making it one of the biggest releases on the platform, according to YouTube Gaming stats.

Due to statistics, Elden Ring received more views during its launch period than other famous games. Some specific YouTube anchors are credited with promoting Elden Ring's views. You have Vaati Vidya, the "Legend Expert", and Zullie the Witch, the "Spiritual Scholar," who have been instrumental in revealing the story and analyzing the characters, respectively. There's also Distortion2, a well-known speed runner who beat the race in under 9 minutes in April. YouTube Gaming also paid tribute to Fextralife's "The All-Knowing Guide" and "The Tainted Tuner" RichaadEB, a brilliant metal guitarist who covered Elden Ring's song track.

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Elden Ring also features 10 different categories, that player need to choose differnt items for every character, but you can upgrade all items and role with runes. Among the available archetypes you can choose from to start your adventure in Lands Between, Samurai class is the most popular of the uploaded videos. The second is the hero and the third is the villain, which is probably the hardest prototype in the game due to its poor starting gear and stats.

Clearly, Elden Ring has become FromSoftware's most mainstream game to date. While Soulslikes tend to be ruthless, FromSoft has built enough content to make people try it out and get hooked. And based on these YouTube Gaming numbers, Elden Ring's prospects look good.

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