SODLK has been in the field of high-end audio games for decades. We support their devices very much for the simple reason that their structure is like a tank, and the sound quality will never be disappointing.


Their phonograph preamplifier is on our "most affordable" list every year, because it is one of the best products under $200, and our recommendation for it is not high enough.


This is not a company rushing into the market in response to competition; They have proved that slow and stable win the game, and you will find it difficult to find customers who don't like their system.


Some of the products they have launched in the past decade are still available, including the following products.


They can be placed on any solid surface through their integrated hovering base or optional custom support.


The design of the hovering base not only gives the portable Bluetooth speakers

an elegant "floating" appearance but also provides stability and reduces vibration. The booth provides a safe foundation and adds eye-catching visual dynamics. Custom brackets are made of powder-coated stainless steel. You can choose nails or rubber feet.


Whether placed on a hovering base or customer support, moon voice 22 will add any decoration and make a sound that fills the room.

The shell design has a modern sense, with a classic turn, which reminds people of the decade since sim audio began in 1980. The wireless Bluetooth speakers driver adopts a smooth baffle and machined baffle, which has an elegant appearance.



These glossy speakers are special in three ways. First, they are partially self-powered. The internal amplifier drives three 8-inch low-quality, high offset carbon cone woofers, leaving an external amplifier to power the aluminum/magnesium ceramic tweeter and the 6-inch aluminum/magnesium cone mid-range driver. 120hs is the only hybrid product in the six product lines of paradise.


With only one hair over 45 inches tall, these speakers are not very big. But they sound big, and the bass in the room is very deep (the low frequency is extended to 18Hz!) It should come from a double-sized cabinet.


Among the wonderful "Jazz variations" of the o-zone strike Orchestra, only one thing impressed me more than the almost infinite dynamics: the accuracy of the timbre. From a huge timpani to a small bell, from a series of drums to manual blows, every blow sounds complete, clear, and true.


Obviously, I haven't heard other competitors' speeches, but in the crowded field below $100000, among all the speakers I have heard, 120h will be the first choice for my extended family trial.