Giant Slayer - Boosts the shot's chances of 2K MT success on layup attempts when they are mismatched against a taller player and reduces the possibility of being blocked. Grace Under Pressure (new) provides an advantage to standing shots that happen close to the basket.

Hook Specialist – Gives a lift to hooks for posts taken by any angle. Limitless takeoff (new) is when attacking the basket, a player with this badge will start their dunk or layup gathering from farther out than others. Lob City Finisher increases the likelihood of completing an alley-oop play or layup.

Mouse In The House (new) - When attacking a smaller defender it will have more chances of getting the job done. Post Spin Technician - Attempting make post spins or drives can result in more effective moves and less possibility of being removed.

Posterizer - Increases your chances of throwing down one on your opponent. Pro Touch - Gives you an additional shot boost when you have slight early, slight late or exceptional timing for layups. Putback Boss: Allows putback dunks and improves the shot abilities of a player that attempts to layback or dunk just after receiving an offensive rebound.

Rise Up - Increases the chance of sinking the ball standing in the paint. Slithery Finisher - Increases the player's ability to slide through the crowd while avoiding contact in gatherings and finishes on the edge. Tear Dropper improves the player's ability to knock down runners and floaters. Non-strippable (new) - When attacking the basket while making a layup, or dunks, the chance of being stripped are decreased.

NBA 2K23 Features Insurance Mascot Jake from State Farm

The release of NBA 2K23 MT NBA 2K23, players have used social media to discuss regarding 2K Sports' new bizarre advertising placements, Jake who is an employee of State Farm. 2K Sports', annual basketball sim NBA 2K23 released this week across all major platforms. Like the previous installments in this series.