Madden 21 recently released on all current-generation gaming platforms and now it has got avid players looking at how well the game captured the real-life skills of the best running backs on the field. Running the ball is key to chewing the clock and winning games; who are the best running backs you can rely on?

In this article, we are looking for the best running backs in Madden 21. Let's dive in!

1. Christian McCaffrey - 99 OVR, Carolina Panthers

It isn’t a surprise to see Christian McCaffrey as the best running backs. He had over 2,000 scrimmage yards last season with the Carolina Panthers. He received a 99 overall rating, which is quite the honor in the gaming world.

He's currently the most complete running back in the NFL and can produce from any spot on the offensive side of the ball. On top of being speedy and quick off of the line of scrimmage, he prides himself on protecting the ball. Fans are worried the Panthers' reliance on him might run his body into the ground, but either way, McCaffrey's on his way to cementing himself as an all-time great in and out of Madden. The latest member of the 99 Club, Christian McCaffrey, will be a beast in Madden 21.

2. Derrick Henry - 95 OVR, Tennessee Titans

Derrick Henry pounds his way into #2. He is an absolute beast and it takes a whole lot of expert strategy to stop him from running through opposing defenses on his way to six. Henry had an incredible season in 2019. He finished the year with over 1,500 rushing yards and 16 touchdowns, and that’s not including his playoff numbers.

With a mediocre starting quarterback, Henry has literally and figuratively carried the Titans to success and consistency. Being over 6'3" as a running back and having 91 speed and 88 acceleration is a bit of an anomaly and Henry has always felt like a Madden created player.

3. Ezekiel Elliott - 93 OVR, Dallas Cowboys

Ezekiel Elliott has had the privilege of playing behind one of the NFL's best offensive lines since he's entered the league. On the field, he's proved himself as an elite running back. His one weakness is his lack of consistent pass-catching ability out of the backfield. However, no matter what struggles or drop-offs he has at any time throughout seasons, he continues to eat up yardage and feast on the league’s defenses.

4. Nick Chubb - 93 OVR, Cleveland Browns

Cleveland's Nick Chubb is in at #4. The hidden gem of Cleveland isn't Drew Carey or Baker Mayfield, but rather Nick Chubb. After putting up 1,494 rushing yards last season, Chubb will start the year with a rating of 93 in Madden 21, but that will jump. 

Chubb has been sitting in that spot where no one notices his accolades for the past two years. Sure, he has a lot of talent now, enough to really impact the 2020/21 season. And Chubb has done and will continue to do the heavy lifting.

5. Dalvin Cook - 91 OVR, Minnesota Vikings

In at #5 is Minnesota's Dalvin Cook. If you polled Minnesota Vikings fans and asked them to name their favorite offensive players on the team, Dalvin Cook likely wouldn't land near the top. But Dalvin Cook has proven that the Vikings are more successful and consistently moving the ball when he's handed the ball. Madden has shown him respect with both his speed and acceleration ratings coming in at an even 92.

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