As the intensity of oil and gas exploration and development continues to increase, it brings increased risk. Accidents such as blowout out of control not only affect the normal exploitation of oil, but also cause serious economic losses and casualties. The existence of these situations is not only unfavorable to oil exploitation, but also has a certain negative impact on society.

Well control safety and security administration is very important. Drilling well regulate security monitoring pays more attention to the handling of crashes, yet does not take notice of avoidance work. We need to put even more emphasis on avoidance. Before oil extraction, the manufacturing safety and security analysis need to be in place. There will constantly be concealed threats in the procedure of oil extraction if the manufacturing security evaluation is not in location.

The promotion of well control safety monitoring work ought to likewise remain in location. Boost the safety quality of staff members. If the security high quality of employees is fairly reduced, it will create the opportunity of man-made mishaps, resulting in economic losses as well as heavy casualties.

To enhance the emphasis on prevention work, we can boost the safety and security and also reinforce understanding and also high quality of the taking part team via some effective training. Esimtech gives Exploration and also Well Control Simulators as well as Emergency Workout Simulator, etc, which can allow students to master drilling procedure abilities through sensible exploration virtual scene drills. The benefits of the on the internet simulation training system introduced by Esimtech are that it is not limited by time and space, which is convenient for teachers to execute one-to-many training and also support individual method and also after-class review.

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