Once your guild is created and you are able to control it through clicking the icons at the top of Lost Ark Boosting the panel and choosing "Manage." From there you are able to edit the flag, modify the guild's name, change the guild leader, control join settings, and so on.

For now, the limit to guild members is 30. Guilds will need to fulfill objectives and then donate towards the guild in order to level it up , thereby increasing the number of guild members it can have. The tab for Level Benefits will inform players of what the benefits are for each level the guild is at.

Lost Ark is officially available for players from the Western world. And with the game being free to play this weekend, there's many character choices that players can consider prior to taking a plunge into the game.

With five classes that are all different, the game doesn't appear to appear to be particularly complicated at first glance. But each of those classes has between two and cheap Lost Ark Gold four sub-classes known as"Advanced Classes. "Advanced Class."