1 Boost the awareness of drilling well control safety and security administration
Improve the recognition of drilling well control security monitoring, overview the operation team to understand well control, comprehend well control, as well as examine well control.takes part in well control work.
2 Reinforce the standard administration of drilling well control equipment
The setup and also use drilling well control devices must meet the requirements of safety and security administration overcome standard administration. From the layout resource, on-site installment, start-up approval, security examination and also various other links, do an excellent job in the execution of the criteria and specifications for the installation and also use of well control tools.
3 Reinforce safety and security evaluation efforts
Safety and security assessment is an important measure to realize the security monitoring of drilling well control. Before procedures, all divisions very carefully check the execution of numerous safety measures within the scope of operations and confirm them. Strictly implement the drilling procedure regulations as well as style demands. Each crucial process and also setting in the procedure need to supervise of an unique person.
5 Improve emergency response capacities
Strengthen emergency feedback abilities, boost various plans, and succeed control drills. Additional improve the emergency situation and change plan for blowout accidents and also emergency prepare for damaging as well as poisonous gas poisoning accidents. According to the well control policies, from well control regular conferences, well control evaluations, blowout avoidance drills, etc. Regularly, the on-site emergency situation dealing with procedures and emergency situation plans have actually been progressively boosted. And make full use of accident situation evaluation, strive to improve the safety technological quality and mishap avoidance capacity of all employees; execute emergency situation plan drills and blowout avoidance for workers.
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The installment and use of drilling well control equipment ought to fulfill the requirements of security administration work through standard management. From the design resource, on-site installment, start-up acceptance, safety and security examination and also other web links, do an excellent job in the execution of the standards and specifications for the installment as well as usage of well control equipment. Security examination is a vital action to recognize the security monitoring of drilling well control. Enhance emergency situation action capacities, improve various plans, and also do well control drills. According to the well control guidelines, from well control routine meetings, well control inspections, blowout prevention drills, etc.