From 20/20/20 to 30/30/30 you'll earn 3011 prayer xp If you are buried with all the bones. You have a 350k trade limit so far. The other questions are just a bit of a waste of OSRS GP time. Do I have a 350K limit ? Or does everyone have? Are we only talking about the younger people? Are monks really that great? Do they give good xp?

Monks can provide infinite health (they treat you),but really shouldn't be training with them until after the age of 30. Thanks... But are you willing to answer other questions? I've put lots of effort into these... I'd like to know if someone could answer these questions. They're really stupid questions and they don't even benefit you in any way or provide any relevant information.

There's been many issues similar to this in the past but it's my turn. My friend left today, and offered me all his cash, i didn't want to accept it but the man forced me to. However, I have a budget of $43m. What armour should I purchase? Please include gloves and boots and even a gun in case. Let me know how great this is over, how much more than my budget (Use for example, a berserker ring as well as DFS included) and also suggest any other thing I can change.

Okay, I'll go with the system I discussed on the previous post, with the exception that I'll try to find barrows' gloves as well as a berserker. Next question: what type of armor do I need to combat bandos? I'd also suggest borrowing claws to take on your adventures. You could also get an a fighter torso, and utilize BCP BCP money to purchase claws. V helm is only intended for solo'ing and tanking.

Do not believe people who say Ktop also, you said you have teams of 5-6 players So that's a 1/3 chance of buy OSRS gold the minion hitting you. Just don't mess with the ktop. I think the strength of bandos is more important. Last but not least, I don't know your levels of prayer or herb. AT least piety is essential. If you're about 70 herb you could probably get an 88'ish herbal lore using 40M. Extremes+6? could it be from bandos.