I'd like better stats, however, F2P Training isn't enough for levels 70 and above. I'm asking is it worth doing soul wars for buy runescape gold some extra exp. I'd like the 74-83 range, and 70 str to 85. I'm wondering if it'll be a month long process or not, or if it is even worth getting?

I was going to buy one of those ultimate game cards or pay via mobile(I doubt it because my mom recently paid the bill and it was FFS, bad timing.) or if I could make it between 50 and 80 str in only a couple of minutes on a low level account, that would be great sauce as well. Do you know if anyone that can use the ultimate gamer card for two accounts?

Woo! It's definitely worth getting for one month, at most in order to test it. Didn't Jagex offer a promotion where you could be granted a free week of membership, even if your account never has been upgraded before? It is possible that someone will need to verify my sources on that. If it was actually there however, it may have only was for a short period of time.

In the end, I'll follow up on what other great users have posted in this thread. Join today to have the wide world of Runescape open to you! There's much more to see, do, learn about -- and the "pond" can be said to grows larger. There's plenty of moneymaking and xp-gaining chances in the members. Don't hole yourself up in soul battles, since you'll want to destroy anything after an hour, or after an hour or. Ugh. Wretched mini game. Well, yeah! We hope to see you logged in to 71 once!

There's an excellent reason that many members continue to use a rune platebodyas it comes with decent defense bonus and a low cost. What's the next step after rune in terms of nondegradeable plates? It could be an Bandos Plate, but that's not in my budget.

Are there any other plates that are in between and give greater bonuses than running? What nondegradeable bodies do you choose to use in normal training? How much do they cost and do you feel the investment is worthwhile?

Rune is one of the top nonmem armour that is not deg. Next highest is Granite Body, legs, sheild, and helm. That's mem. require the 50 str mark and 50 def. It's among the heaviest armour out there possibly the heaviest. This means that it drains your energy with a shocking speed. Additionally, it looks lame, the whole set is less than 500k, and is used mostly by bots, as I've heard.

There is also the fighter torso and other stuff u could get through mini-games. It's Dragon armour, which needs 60 def. However, if u cant afford chain bod or plate bod which cost 4.5M-5.5M 9m-10m respectively You can also use a rane body equipped with drag legs as well as a medium helm. Don't go with granite body + dragon legs. That's what bots wear. I use Zammy platebody + Dragon Platelegs.. The look is awesome. The osrs gp majority of higher gear are deg, but barrows gear lasts like 10+ hours of combat, before repairs.