After 30 odd years, people still mut coins brag about the shoe and even collect that shoe. Some time ago I had a friend to me, Anthony Anderson, the comedian, texted me, "Hey, Bo! I'm doing a comedy show about every pair of sneakers. I'm unable to locate those Air Shoes. I'm in need of your shoes it just happened that I had a pair sitting at my desk. I said, 'Hey! well, I got one here. I can just send them to you. It's times like this when I'm sitting back and go, 'Wow.'

This NFL season New York Giants running back and Nike player Saquon Barkley got his own rendition of Air Trainer 3. What was it like to observe him pay homage you through the sneakers?

I presented him with the shoes. It was like saying, 'Grasshopper, it's your time to carry this torch. It's up to you to carry it well. I am sure that Saquon will be able to do a fine job at that. Saquon is a good kid. He reminds me a number of my own. Runs with power and has his head straight. This is what impresses me the most. It's not his statistics. I love the way that he is able to carry himself.

There will always be one Bo Jackson. However, when you look back on the NFL running backs that have followed you, which bring you back to your own?

I can think of two players -- Saquon as well as Derrick Henry -- on the sheer strength, strength and ability to maneuver between the field and defense. They're not necessarily sporting the speed I had. But they have created a system that works for them. They're very successful in what they do. And that's the reason they're thought of as one of the top running backs currently.

If you think back on your career, what's a Madden 22 coins for sale game you played that you believe could have been the result of the video game?