The Elder Scrolls Online Deadlands is a very good game, from amazing locations to complex and diverse characters, and large open maps for exploration. In Deadlands, players need to devote energy to each plot point from the main mission to the side adventure. Compared with the previous expansion packs and DLC, Deadlands feels more like a beautiful expansion pack. Players will encounter fascinating characters that have never appeared in any expansion in the past, and begin to explore unique and fascinating scenery.

After arriving in Deadlands, the player will encounter a mysterious character named Anchorite. They are related to the cult activity, but their memory has been erased. Along the way, players will find that they are using a machine to turn Daedra into a violent abomination. The characters that players encounter have their own wishes and goals, and the dubbing makes everyone feel more realistic.

The main plot is very simple. The player needs to prevent the cult and prevent Mehrunes Dagon from entering Nirn. The player needs to investigate the reason and method of the cult's plan to release Daedric Prince of Destruction. Players will spend time talking with NPCs, looking for clues through books or dialogues, and building a unique army of characters to help defeat the cult. Although the game is very focused on combat, players can even complete many tasks without fighting a single enemy. Players will receive Elder Scrolls Online Gold as a reward after completing the mission.

The story is divided into two main arcs. The first is a separate chapter in the Deadlands expansion, and the second is the continuation of the Blackwood chapter. The first main quest didn't even involve Blackwood events, so if players don't need to worry about entering Deadlands without playing Blackwood. ESO has many DLCs and extensions, each with its own plot. They are not directly connected, but players can encounter characters that will appear in the future DLC. In addition, players can buy ESO Gold at IGGM.