Elder Scrolls Online's complete Deadlands guide has been updated to include various updated game content. Three of the new guides cover the various collections of the new Elder Scrolls Online DLC, including new sky fragments, new antiquities, and new furniture.

As the last DLC of the Blackwood expansion pack, the development team has high hopes for it. Not only introduced a new exploration area, but also added several new armor sets, new dungeons and world bosses, and various new collections. Players can use Elder Scrolls Online Gold to buy various weapons and equipment in the game to enhance their game strength.

The Deadlands DLC was launched immediately after the end of the Blackwood chapter, which focused on the four ambitions of Mehrunes Dagon. The DLC also made some major changes to several game mechanics, such as the introduction of the Armory system and a radical change to the armor set RNG. In addition, players also need to try to buy some ESO Gold.

Players can complete the Blackwood storyline before heading to Deadlands, because the story will be more meaningful and ultimately feel more complete. In addition, there is a special ending quest line, which is only available for players who complete both the Blackwood and Deadlands quest lines at the same time. World Bosses was added to The Elder Scrolls Online along with the region-oriented expansion, providing players with challenges that can usually only be completed with the team. There are two world bosses in Deadlands with designated locations, but they are not the only major threat in the area.