Please tell me what to RuneScape gold do to defeat Treus. I'm far more adept at melee, but if I need to play half and half, I'll do it. What should I do. Thank you. Where can I find Summoning charms? There are many creatures in RuneScape with charms. It shouldn't be difficult to find charms for summoning.

To get you to where you want to be, here are some creatures that have decent drops for Summoning Charms: Fire giants. Ice giants Jogres and Ogres. Blue dragons. Slayers may want to take out the following summoning charms: Basilisks.

How do I get an evil turnip carved? First, you'll need an evil turnip, which is a wicked vegetable that doesn’t wander around. This is available through trading or by farming. Next, you'll need to apply a knife to it to turn it into that most horrific of all vegetables: the cut turnip.

Well, I attempted Monkey Madness sometime last year and I must say, it does indeed meet its supposed stress-inducing qualities. I wasn't prepared and didn't turn my Prayer on fast enough to stop the monster from pursuing me. And, wouldn't it surprise you, my internet connection slowed down for millionth of seconds. And BOOM! And BOOM!

All of which kind of combined to make my "YEARGH!" It was 3 am. Given the circumstances, it is somewhat understandable. When I read through the Monkey Madness guide, it said to have the Monkey GreeGree and the M'Speak Amulet in my inventory when I went to battle the monster at the conclusion of the mission. The problem is that buy old school runescape gold I did not do so. I lost the GreeGree when I died.