Psyonix has yet to expose the total info of Rocket League Trading Prices what Player Anthems will entail. However, what we do understand so far is which you’ll quickly be capable of set one in every of Rocket League’s numerous bangers to play at some stage in a intention celebration inside the customisation options.

And what higher alternative is there than Kaskade’s new tune, ‘Flip Reset’? Created along Australian manufacturer WILL K, Flip Reset also marks Kaskade’s label debut on lengthy-time Rocket League collaborator Monstercat. A 2d track is also stated to be within the works, so that it will sooner or later upload any other contender for your Player Anthem.

With a new season additionally comes preceding season rewards, a aggressive ranking reset, and of path a fresh Rocket Pass for players to invest their time and pennies into. The new skip will show off the game’s modern automobile, R3MX, which is instantly unlocked with Rocket Pass Premium. A final mix, the R3MX GXT, is likewise available at Tier 70.