There are three different upgrade systems in New World: one for increasing players’ basic character statistics, one for their weapon skills, and one for trading skills. With more attention to PVP, players may feel the need to upgrade quickly to match their competitors. So how do players level up in New World?

During the player's upgrade process, they can all put a point into one of the five attributes. This means they can spend a total of 71 points through upgrades. Equipable items will also give points when the player wears or brandishes them. In addition, there are item slot slots where players can place jewels to further increase their Amazon New World Coins. Second, players must make sure to put points into attributes that directly benefit their attack methods.

Although players only need some basic first-level tools to collect resources, they can use advanced tools made of iron or treated wood to make the task faster. The size of the resource collected by the player will also reflect the XP they have obtained through the collection skill. For example, cutting down a thick tree will give the player more XP than cutting down a tree with a thinner trunk.

When players wait for the new world release date to arrive, or if they plan to play the open beta, we are always there to help. Including the introduction of how players can obtain XP to upgrade their New World Coins, trading skills and weapon skills. If players want to upgrade quickly, please continue to follow us!