The Path of Exile 3.15 Expedition Balance Manifesto was released earlier today, and it's a doozy of a document to read. A significant number of fundamental changes are coming to the game. Nerfs to a few key areas are expected to be applied, according to players. Expedition is currently preparing the ground for the release of POE 2, which is causing consternation in the community. There is a great deal to unpack in the wake of the community's outrage. So let's see what GGG is up to with the new Balance Manifesto and what he is teasing.



Keep in mind that the patch notes have not yet been released, so everything is still very much up in the air at this point. The Expedition Balance Manifesto is intended to provide a preview of the planned changes without providing hard numbers, which means we have to make educated guesses about what will happen Path of Exile 2. When the patch notes are released tomorrow, we'll go over them with a fine-toothed comb, so keep an eye out for that. When that happens, you can expect us to handle a new starter builds guide as well as the previous one.

The Expedition Balance Manifesto for World of Warcraft 3.15 has just been released, and here are the predictions for what buffs and nerfs will be included in the next patch.

Build-Specific Modifications
In the Manifesto, the number of changes to various Ascendancies that have been teased is quite extensive. The addition of 19 new skills alone adds a great deal of variety to the potential builds available in this patch. GGG, on the other hand, has done exactly what almost everyone predicted, and has significantly weakened a number of key gameplay mechanics. This is being done in order to make the endgame more difficult and to significantly slow down player progression in the process. When the league season begins, we'll see how players like that fare.

Gems Need Your Help!
Support Gems that add flat or multiplicative damage to builds have been removed from the game altogether. Until we get the full numbers from the patch notes tomorrow, we'll have to wait and see what GGG has to say about the changes. “Many of these changes are intended to affect every character in the game in some way, but we're still going to continue our tradition of making changes to the most powerful and least powerful mechanics in order to improve path of exile currency diversity,” the developer says.

More information on the broad strokes of these changes can be found in the list provided above. It's important to remember that without hard numbers provided by patch notes, determining the severity of a nerf is difficult to determine. Those will be covered in greater detail in our full buff/nerf review tomorrow.

Flasks have undergone a significant redesign, which has reduced their overall effectiveness as a build-enabling item. For Health and Mana flasks, the gameplay loop has remained largely unchanged since launch. The utility flasks, on the other hand, have undergone significant revision. In a nutshell, flasks are significantly less effective in scaling all forms of offense and defense in the game of POE.



As a result of the Expedition expansion, there are now three different ways to make use of flasks. The rebalanced flasks can either be used in the traditional manner or one of two new types of currency items can be applied to the flask to make them more valuable. It is possible to obtain the Instilling Orb and the Enkindling Orb as part of the normal drop pool from regular monsters and chests.

New Orbs Have Been Added

When a specific condition is met, the Instilling Orb will cause a flask buy poe items to be used without the player having to do anything. Whenever its charges reach their maximum capacity, or whenever you are affected by ignite, for example. Thus, in situations where it was previously necessary to time a specific flask usage, you can now rely on it to occur automatically, with the only tradeoff being that it may consume charges that you would not have intended to be consumed in the first place. Each time you use an Instilling Orb on your Flask, a random condition is enchanted onto it, overwriting the conditions that were previously enchanted onto it.

Although it prevents Utility Flasks from gaining charges while in use, the Enkindling Orb provides a significant boost to their effect, duration, and the various ways in which they interact with their charges. If you want to reroll for a specific type of boost, you can use additional Orbs to do so.