In the Path of Exile: Expedition released some time ago, many players were disappointed by it, not only because it weakened the damage, but also the rebalancing of the game made many players feel uncomfortable. At the same time, the POE Currency that players get in the game may not be enough. Some players have already bought POE Currency, and the gap between players with better equipment and ordinary players is increasing. GGG launched Patch 3.15.0d based on the real situation in the game, which further optimized the game and fixed some bugs. Here are some content about this patch.

Flasks and Ailment Immunity
A major change implemented in Expedition is how certain flasks provide players with disease immunity after use. At that time, players will be immune to certain diseases based on the duration of the flask used. But now, players can gain immunity only when the flask has really eliminated the disease. In addition, the exemption granted only lasts one second, which is useless at all. This patch increases the duration of disease immunity to four seconds. So, when players use a flask with the suffix "of Staunching", not only can it remove bleeding and corrupted blood, but players should now be immune to these effects for POE Exalted Orb.

Bug Fixes
If players have used the Reaper skill gem, which is one of the new gems in the 3.15 patch, players may encounter some instances of random crashes. Players may also notice that sometimes their item filters are not loaded. These things are annoying, but now players can rest assured that they have been fixed in this update. And players can prepare enough POE Currency to get better results.

Before the launch of Path of Exile 2, players can use Expedition to spend the long waiting time. If you want to make some achievements in the game first, it is necessary to prepare enough POE Currency as early as possible. If you are an ordinary player who only uses Path of Exile as a pastime, then you can try to use Path of Exile: Royale on weekends during the expedition alliance. This mode is deeply loved by players. Go!