Path of Exile: The release of Expedition does not seem to satisfy players. In addition to the overall severe weakening, the game is also plagued by various problems. Fortunately, the developers have applied small patches to adjust some of the changes that have been implemented. Players who want to get good results in the challenge league can not only work hard to hone their skills, but a simpler way is to buy POE Currency. Here are some instructions about the patch.

Mana Cost on Support Gems
Patch 3.15.0d is designed to alleviate the many mana retention changes introduced in the expedition to support gems. This small update reduces the mana retention cost of all support gems by 10%. For example, Brutality Support in Patch 3.15 sets its mana cost and reserve multiplier to 150%. Now, it is only set to 140%. Although this is not a huge change, it should help players get more mana, especially if players use so many auxiliary gems in the settings.

No More Abusive Goatmen
Chris Wilson, the lead developer of Path of Exile, said that since the launch of Expedition, Goatman has become stronger. The latest update reduces the damage of their jumping slam and Molten Shell, especially in the later stages of the game, putting the Goatmen into trouble. In addition, maps with the "Animal Habitat" modifier should now contain fewer Molten Goatmen.

Although many people may be dissatisfied or even disappointed with the launch of Path of Exile: Expedition, it can be seen from a series of related optimizations and repairs made by GGG that GGG is still very concerned about the needs of players. By the way, if players interested in Expedition want to take the game to the next level, then preparing enough POE Exalted Orb will be your best choice.