Chris Wilson of Grinding Gear Games will appear on the Baeclast podcast to discuss the “past, present and future” of the game. The launch of Grinding Gear Games’ new alliance Path of Exile is usually a celebration. However, the response from Patch 3.15 and Expedition League was not good. Compared with the historical record of the game, the maximum number of concurrent players at launch has dropped by 23%. Although this is within the developers’ expectations, the number of players on Steam has been declining.

With this in mind, co-founder and lead developer Chris Wilson will appear on the Baeclast podcast at 11 am (Pacific Daylight Time) on August 11 to discuss the current state of POE Exalted Orb. It will be broadcast live on Tarkecat’s Twitch, with the goal of “talking candidly about the past, present, and future of Path of Exile and answering questions about the current state of Path of Exile.” Although Wilson will not elaborate on “balance/mechanics” “, but will discuss “a wide range of topics.”

Interestingly, developers may also discuss their “partial” plans for patch 3.16. The latest leagues and patches usually receive detailed information a few weeks before they go live. Grinding Gear Games is already hyping the next league, and some players are already preparing for POE Currency. Some players are negative about this.

For more detailed information and related questions, you can follow the live broadcast, but in any case, before the launch of Path of Exile, you can only use Path of Exile: Expedition now. Players who like Expedition League can buy POE Currency to get better equipment and have an excellent performance in the game.