Among the many popular large-scale online multiplayer games, Path of Exile is one of the most popular and popular RPG games. Many players who are bored with Diablo 3 have turned to Path of Exile. Players who lost interest in Torchlight also turned to POE. Path of Exile is very interesting, in the game players can feel the charm of this game and can use POE Currency to buy everything they want. But Doublelift believes that Path of Exile: Expedition League is one of the most disappointing since the release of Path of Exile.

The developer Grinding Gear Games continues to innovate and maintain a fresh experience. This allows players to return to the game repeatedly, even if they end up taking long breaks from time to time. However, the recent leagues launched through Expedition are not interesting for POE Exalted Orb. Path of Exile: Expedition was first released on July 23, 2021, introducing four NPC characters from the Kalguuran Expedition. Many players think this expedition is the least influential, and for some, it is the most boring.

One player said that the gameplay feels worse now, it’s not fun at all. League of Legends professional player Doublelift also said in a tweet that he likes Path of Exile, but my God, this league is terrible. If GGG does not revert the changes and make vast improvements to QoL/making the next league, then the game will die. But some players think this is very interesting and also buy POE Currency in the game.

Doublelift even joked that the negative impact of the Path of Exile community is so great now that it is even worse than the League of Legends subreddit. This shows what. But here is also hoping to see Grinding Gears turn things around when the next expansion arrives. There is no specific time for the official release of Path of Exile 2. Those interested players can expect GGG to make some changes in Path of Exile 2.