Here is a review of Path of Exile Update 1.84 Patch Notes. It has been some time since the launch of Path of Exile: Expedition, players have prepared many POE Currency to start a new challenge league. For some details and errors in Expedition, GGG also brought optimization and bug fixes for players. Similarly, in the previous Path of Exile, GGG also launched the Path of Exile update 1.84 patch in order to ensure the game experience of the players. Here is a complete list of the changes and fixes added by this patch.

Recently, the developer Grinding Gear Games released a major update to the PlayStation version of the game, improving gameplay and fixing many bugs. However, more patches have now been added to Path of Exile to further improve the functionality and stability of the POE Currency. The only patch for PlayStation is to update 1.84 or 3.14.3b. The patch notes are not huge, although some changes have occurred since the previous update. Players can read the full patch notes posted below.

Path of Exile update 1.84 patch notes
[PlayStation] 3.14.3b Patch Description: Added support for the upcoming 3.15 Supporter Pack. Fixed a rare client crash that may occur when upgrading skill gems. [PlayStation] 3.14.3 Patch Description: Fixed a client crash that may occur when entering a wavy area. This is a deployment on the server without restart, so players need to restart the client to Buy POE Currency.

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