On the day Grinding Gear Games released the Path of Exile 3.15 expansion on PS and XBOX, they also released Update 1.85, which contains a lot of balance changes, bug fixes, and more. Players all know that the new league that appears in the 3.15 expansion is called Expedition. Now, The Freezing Pulse skill used by Undying Cultists spawned in Expeditions no longer has additional chance to freeze. GGG also increased the chances of expedition bosses appearing in logs of level 68 and above, which gives players more opportunities to earn Path of Exile Currency.

Storms cast by Vorana, Last to Fall will now disappear when no players are in its range. Vorana is now also immune to damage until the player reenters the storm. After discovering the ancient Kargolan text, the developers increased the visibility of the new dialogue options provided by Dannig. Dannig will now display an exclamation mark for the newly translated text dialog options players found. The rapier one-handed sword is again classified as a thrust one-handed sword. Their weapon range is 14 again (instead of 11).

Besides the above, GGG also used the “Area inhabited by Animals” modifier to reduce the number of Molten Shell Goatmen in the map and reduce the number of Molten Shell Goatmen in Oba’s Cursed Trove. It also reduces the damage caused by Goatmen’s leap skills and Molten Shell skills in the late game. Now it causes the same amount of damage in the first act, and it can reduce hit damage by up to about 33% and up to about 40% in the late game.

These changes will allow players to have better self-protection capabilities, but they cannot take lightly, especially the dangers hidden in the dark. The safest way is to arm your role to the point of invulnerability by buying more POE Currency. In this way, even if there is an enormous risk, players will have a certain reaction time to come up with a countermeasure or escape directly.