Now Path Of Exile: Expedition has met with players, and many of the updated content have been tried. In the previous press conference, Wilson stated that the changes to the support gems for certain constructions will reach about 20%, possibly as high as 40%, and the damage reduction and full damage support gems for characters using full six-linked skills. For characters that use practical support gems or do not have a six-link setting, the impact is much smaller.

When asked by Wilson when GGG will realize that this auxiliary gem is a problem, he said that they are studying how to reduce player damage to high-end characters, because they feel it is the reason for the difference between excellent characters and ordinary characters. One part is that some players buy POE Currency configured better equipment for their characters, and the other part is that a lot of damage comes from auxiliary gems. Each of these auxiliary gems has increased damage by 50%. So Wilson said they “cut” the top of these numbers to get them back down. The purpose here is to make people think more about other people, because it opens up more interesting constructive capabilities, such as blinding.

For those who love to play necromancer, you may wonder whether the goal of grinding equipment is to enhance the game style without increasing the original damage. Regarding this, Wilson said that they hoped to do this without just causing more damage, like they did to enhance the minions. Because every gem starts with kindness. If a support gem reduces the range of effective skills and makes them tiny, but in return, will they cause more damage? This is a cool idea, except in the end it is just a damage gem, because it can mitigate the way it reduces the area of influence in other ways. This is an example of hurting gems.

Wilson said that this applies to auxiliary gems that can increase speed, because being able to kill more creatures quickly will only cause players to Buy Exalted Orbs. So they have to be careful to come up with something smarter than the brute force here, which is very challenging, but when they come up with such assisted jumps, it is very beneficial. These are some of Wilson’s explanations of the auxiliary gems. It is better to experience it by yourself. Players who have not yet joined Path Of Exile: Expedition, hurry and get ready for POE Currency to experience it!