"Developing a good game is more important to us than vanity statistics, such as the number of active players at the same time." Chris Wilson, the head of Path of Exile, wrote shortly before the release of Expedition on Reddit and talked about -When talking about the number of players, it is called "Vanity"? Speaking of this, he must have thought of something, because on the beginning weekend of the new update, players jumped faster than all updates since August 2017.

From Friday to Sunday, the number of concurrent players on Steam dropped by 24%. The mood in the official forum and subreddit is recovering, but there are more farewell posts over the weekend, some players are really begging to delete the latest changes, and most people in the Reddit community are not very happy.

Of course, what cannot be ignored here is that Steam’s own statistics do not necessarily represent the total number of players, and the decline in the number of players is not necessarily due to the dramatic changes in balance at that time. weekend. Despite this, many Path of Exile players are still annoyed, and some will take a break, hoping to improve or improve or completely delete the POE Currency mechanism. I can fully understand this frustration and disappointment, although basically I think the update is necessary and a good step, even if some places need to be re-adjusted as soon as possible.

Why did the Path of Exile fall into the biggest crisis in years? And what this means for the successor to Path of Exile 2, you can read about it in GameStar Plus. In short, the player character in Path of Exile has been significantly weakened. It starts with limited damage and mobility. POE Currency Buy will increase mana consumption until many pills are weakened. If used properly, it can almost always push attack and defense to atmospheric altitude.