Developer Grinding Gear Games, or "GGG" for short, announced the upcoming release of a new update to Path of Exile before launching the 3.15 expansion pack later this month. 3.14 The Ultimatum League will end on July 12th, but the next expansion pack of the game will not be available until July 23rd. At the same time, developers will launch a 3.14.3 patch to improve the POE Currency. Although the developer did not specify what these improvements are, players may expect better performance and stability.

In addition, some convenient tools have been added to the game. Players can expect the new performance indicator chart to get more information than the current version. The new indicator can show the load of CPU, GPU, system memory, latency, available VRAM, instance server, etc. In addition to the new performance chart, the developer has also added a new game tab in the "Options" panel. This helped them organize the "Settings" menu, making it easier for players to navigate to different sections.

In the previous Path of Exile update, there was an option to allow players to clear the game's cache. This is done to help resolve any issues that may arise. Unfortunately, many people use it without fully understanding the benefits of caching, resulting in poor performance. Therefore, the developer chose to remove it from the settings, but players can still Buy POE Currency. In most cases, it happens automatically at the beginning of the league, so you don’t need to clear your cache.

Since most players no longer use the 32-bit version of Windows, GGG chose to remove the 32-bit client from the website. This is just to avoid confusion about which game client to download. Finally, users who use Vulkan with graphics cards with less than 2600 MB of VRAM will be able to select the "high texture quality" setting. DirectX users can also use the same option, but they must ensure that their PC can handle it. To learn more about the upcoming Path of Exile Patch 3.14.3, you can read it in the official blog post. The update is expected to be launched later this week, possibly on Wednesday or Thursday.