Research firm SuperData said that Grinding Gear’s game ranks 19th in the world in the free massively multiplayer online market, and the studio said it has 14.2 million players. Diablo has long had a follower in China, and since Path of Exile is the successor of the Diablo 2 spirit, Tencent sees opportunities in this growing market.

The studio hopes that when it enters China, it can replicate its recent success in Brazil. Path of Exile was launched in South America’s largest gaming market in December. General manager and founder Chris Wilson told GamesBeat that it has doubled its player base through the officially localized version, and is recruiting staff to do better in the region. Marketing. Players can also buy POE Currency on a safe website.

Brazil's experience also helped  Grinding Gear to prepare for China. I recently made a closed alpha. The indicators are very good. Tencent stated that they have never seen a closed alpha game for such a long time. Obviously, it was only erased at the end of the test, so they were very surprised by the level of participation there. The estimate got is very good. We think it is comparable to all other regions.

The Chinese version will have to undergo a lot of changes. At least, for review reasons, the game needs to make all the changes, including things like skeletons. In China, you cannot have skeletons and other dead objects in your game unless they are cute, just like in Plants vs. Zombies. The staggering undead may need plastic surgery for China.

Grinding Gear said it may take up to eight months to get approval from a Chinese review agency. Path of Exile is not a special political game. In Path of Exile, one character is a lesbian. We have no big deal about it, but it is there. It incidentally mentions this subtlety in every respect. If it is completely visible, it is not allowed. Old players will use POE Currency Buy to improve their strength.